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Frank I 325
Sense/Meaning/CastanedaVsFrege: the denotation within intention in propositional contexts is not Fregean meaning, but Fregean sense - reversal of Frege: the world reference can only be explained by the objects being explained as systems of Fregean senses - then "sense "and "reference" get entirely new meanings.
Frank I 400~
Sense/Meaning/CastanedaVsFrege: Guise Theory: (of designs): Vs distinction sense/meaning - from this also follows: VsFrege: indirect speech does not lose its reference - expressions always denote the same thing, namely guises (designs) - VsPerry: that also makes his distinction of designating and expressing unnecessary.
I 432 ~
Extra-Sense/Castaneda: E.g. Ivan believes that he* is required on the phone - here is (Ivan) Ivan referencce) and ego(Ivan) its special meaning i - in an assertion of speaker a "I" expresses ego(a) - PerryVsCastaneda: this explanation leads to a gap in the theory of reports of beliefs - anyone who can believe anything of Ivan, can believe the corresponding proposition of Ivan that "i" is required on the phone - KretzmannVs: still private, not even God could grasp extra-sense - PerryVs: misunderstanding, "he*" cannot be replaced by description without Index - but that does not mean that the proposition "he himself is in the hospital" can be known by none other - "i"/PerryVsCastaneda: different psychological role for Ivan and Sheila still has to be explained - that Ivan but not Scheila is the reference is not enough - Ivan must also believe that he* is i, but that is initially nothing more than that i is i! - And Sheila also believes that - in addition: information that it is about their own extra-sense - Problem: Extra-sense does not help if Ivan does not know that he was appointed Editor - facts about the language are no solution.
I ~459ff
Sense/Frege: psychological mediator role - CastanedaVs, PerryVs -.

Cast I
H.-N. Castaneda
Phenomeno-Logic of the I: Essays on Self-Consciousness Bloomington 1999

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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