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Theses II (Authors who are indirectly associated with Analytic Philosophy)

Individual theses which are interesting for the field of Analytic Philosophy, sorted by authors.
Notation: I, II, III etc. stand for the title, Arabic numbers for the page – You will find author and title in “Abbreviations” – Example: I 260 in a window on the line of Brandom refers to Brandom “Expressive Vernunft” (German) Frankfurt/M 2000 Page 260
Up until now all contents in this spreadsheet (Analytic Philosophy) are in German. blue arrow The new projects will be carried on in English. red arrow   

Abel, G.Interpretation Phil.
Agassi, J.Other Minds
Allen, C.Reference
Alston, W.Selfascription
Ambrose, A.Skepticism
Assmann, J.Time
Bachtin, M.Chronotopos
Baker, L.R.Person
Balaguer, M.Platonism
Bell, JRelativity Theory
Bellah, R.Communitarism
Benjamin, W.Reproducibility
Berlin, I.Negative Freedom
Blackburn, S.Behavior
Blumenberg, H.LifeEnlightenment
Bohm, D.Uncertainty PrincipleCopenhagen Interpr..
Bohr, N.UnobservedNatural Laws
Bolz, N.ForgeryRealitydigital
Boyd, R.ReealismTheoryConstruktivismScience
Bradley, F.H. Thinking
Brentano, F.Language/ThinkingIntentionality
Bromberger, S.Explanation
Burdick, H.de re
Buridan, J.Impetus
Burke, P.Object/Property
Burkhardt, A.Vs KripkeNames
Cassirer, E.Symbolic Form
Chandler, H.Theseus Ship
Chihara, Ch.Mathematics
Clarke, Th.Skepticism
Collins, A.W.Mental ObjectsBelief
Creary, L.Laws
Croce, B.Artwork
Damasio, A.ConsciousnessDecision
Davies, P.Spin
Derrida, J.Everyday LanguageRepräsentation
Didi-Huberman, G.Art
Diederichsen, D.Assemblage
Döhmer, K.Forgery
Dotzler, B.J.Forgery
Eccles J./Popper, K.Repres.-Materialism.
Eco, U.Categories
Eddington, A.Reality
Ellis, B.Powers
Everett, H.Many-Worlds Int.
Fechner, Th.Two Aspects
Finkelstein, D.Logic
Foucault, M.SubjectReason (Vernunft)OrderingMight/Knowl.
Frankfurt, H.Values
Frankl, V.infinite
Friedman, M.TruthSelf-affirmation
Fukuyama, F.Future
Gadamer, G.HistoryHermeneuticsUnderstandingMedia
Gaddis, W.Forgery
Galilei, G.Natural Laws
Garaudy, R.Western Civilisation
General Semantics
Generative Grammatik
Gibbard, A.Statue/Clay
Giere, R.Frequ/Prblty
Gould, St. J.Vs Adaptionism.Vs Gradualism.Evolution
Grafton, A.Forgery
Gumbrecht, H. U.Sports
Güzeldere, G.Introspection
Hamblin, C.Question
Hare, R.M.PrescriptivismDescriptivism.Vs Objective Values
Harrah, D.Questions
Harrison, B.Colours
Hegel, G.W. F.Explanation
Heidegger, M.HumanExperimentBeingTime
Heidelberger SchuleSelf-consciousness
Hoerster, N.Moral Justification
Humphrey, N.Thinking
Huxley, T.H.Consciousness
Inwagen, P. vanEventObjectExistence
Jackendoff, R.Consciousness
Jespersen, O.Grammar
Kenny, A.Practical InferenceNames
Kohlberg, L.Morality
Kopenhagener DeutungSpinWave-Particle Duality
Kosslyn,St.M./Pomerantz, J.R.Pictorial Presentat.
Krämer, S.Reality
Krüger, L.Philosophie
Langer, S.K.SymbolsMusic
Larmore, Ch.E.Ethics
Leibniz, G.W.EssentialismNecessityVs Absolutism.Innate
Lenk, H.Interpretat. Phil.
Levi-Strauss, C.bricolage
Lewis, C.I.Appearance
Libet, B.Mental Field
Lorenz, K.Embodied Information
Lovibond, S.SubjectivismEnlightenment
Lowe, J.E.Person
Mach, EMach Principle
MacIntyre, A.Communitarism
MacKinnon, C.Feminism
Maddy, P.mathemat. Entities
Malcolm, N.SkepticismAnimalThinkingVs Vendlerde re/dicto
Malebranche, N.Perception
Marburger SchuleThinking
Margalit, A.Ethics
Maxwell, G.ObservabilityOntologyRecognize
McTaggart, J.Time
Medawar, P.Science
Minsky, M.Verstehen
Monod, J.bricolage
Nagel, EConvergence
Nandy, A.Western Civilisat.
Newell, A./Simon, H.A.Symbols
Newton, I.Theoryabsoluteabsolute Space
Nowotny, H.Time
Nussbaum, M.Moral
Oakeschott, M.Morality
Ogden, C.K./Richards, I.A.Meaning
Paley, W.Evolution
Parsons, Ch.Metalanguage
Parsons, T.Social SystemsAction
Piaget, J.Developement
Priest, G.Dialethism
Prigogine, I.Imbalance
Pylyshyn, Z.Belief
Rawls, J.EthicsVs UtilitarismSocietyReflective Equilibrium
Reid, T.Mind/Object
Rosenthal, D.M.Higher Order Thought
Rumelhart, D.Neuronal Networks
Sainsbury, R.M.Intensification
Sandel, M.CommunitarismSelf/Property
Santayana, G.Supernature
Sartre, J.P.SubjectSelf-consciousness
Scanlon, Th.Justification
Schleiermacher, F.Meaning
Schütz, A.Time
Smiley, T.Negation
Smolin, L.Natural Laws
Sperber, D.Abstraction
Spinoza, B.MoralityTruthTheodicy
Steiner, G.God
Sterelny, K.AnimalRepresentation
Stevenson, C.L.Meaning
Swinburne, R.Personal IdentityTheism
Teilhard de Chardin, P.Omega Theory
Thomason, R.Proposition
Tipler, F.J.Cosmology
Tooley, M.Naturgesetze
Tye, M.Vs Phenomanlism.
Uexkuell, J.v.Merkwelt/Wirkweltkognitive Nische
Unger, P.Sorites
Valery, P.FotografyLimitation
Vattimo, G.FortschrittMedia
Walzer, M.Morality
Watson, G.Werte
Weber, M.Facts/Values
Weitz, M.Art
Welsch, W.Construktivism.
Whitehead, A.N.Event
Whorf, B.LanguageObservation
Wiesing, L.Picture
Williams, D.C.Tropes
Wilson, E.O.Sozio-Evolut.
Wilson, K.Extension
Wundt, W.mental/physical