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Attribution: statements that provide an object with properties are attributions. See also self-ascription, predication.

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Sigmund Freud on Attribution - Dictionary of Arguments

Frank I 640
Freud/Unconscious/Self-attribution/first person/Davidson: Freud shows by expanding the concepts of intention, belief, desire, etc., that they encompass the unconscious. In fact, that the subject loses the immediate authority over some of their propositional attitudes.
In fact, the loss of this authority is the criterion for unconscious mental states.
Psychoanalysis/Davidson: even more interesting is the fact that the regaining of authority is the only indication that the attitude was already present before it was acknowledged by its owner in a non-concluding way.
Unconscious/Davison: I do not think that the existence of unconscious attitudes jeopardizes the importance of the authority of the first person.

Donald Davidson (1984a): First Person Authority, in: Dialectica38 (1984),

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Freud I
S. Freud
Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Psychoanalyse Hamburg 2011

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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