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Explanation: making a statement in relation to an event, a state, a change or an action that was described before by a deviating statement. The statement will often try to involve circumstances, history, logical premises, causes and causality. See also description, statements, theories, understanding, literal truth, best explanation, causality, cause, completeness.

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I 367
Explanation/VsIncommensurability/Feyerabend: it is said that if one allows for incommensurability in science, one can no longer decide whether a new conception explains what it is supposed to explain or whether it wanders into quite different realms.
I 368
FeyerabendVsVs: such a knowledge is quite unnecessary. The question does not arise at all. We can no longer ask for the absolute speed of an object. And that is not a loss.
I 369
Relativity theory does not have to worry about the fate of classical physics. The concept "explanation" is not all that important.
Explanation/Feyerabend: this concept has already proved too narrow: e.g. the requirement of derivability.

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Fe I
P. Feyerabend
Wider den Methodenzwang Frankfurt 1997

P. Feyerabend
Erkenntnis für freie Menschen Frankfurt 1979

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