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Semantics/Sellars: functionalist semantics versus reference theory. (Like Wittgenstein). (VsTheory of reference).
II 302
Semantic Truth Theories: Question: is there something specifically linguistic about truth?
II 304f
Semantic Theory of Truth: in semantic truth theories there are no expressions like "that p" or "it is true that p". According to Max Black the key is in the peculiarity of Carnap’s explication of statements of the form:
Expression A (in L) means x.
This means that you must specify a list: E.g. W word (in English), X: either W = "and" and x = and
or W = "white" and x = white
or W = "or", and x = or ....... ad infinitum.

Sell I
W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

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