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Holism: Holism is the assumption that the elements or the subject domain of a theory are accessible only with simultaneous availability of all elements or objects of this domain. It is also assumed that a change to an element does not exclude changes to all other elements at least. The statement "everything is connected with everything" is however a wrong characterization of the holism, since it is logically erroneous.
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Meaning/Holism/HarmanVsQuine: Example: If the sun passes behind a cloud, does that change the meaning of my words? At least, the conditional "If a cloud hides the sun, then p" obtains a different potential to transform my definitions - Brandom: difference: whether change in significance or in content.
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Social Holism/Brandom: Demands that understanding of the semantic content whose approval has such significance depends on the capabilities of the account holders to use relations between the different perspectives.

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R. Brandom
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R. Brandom
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