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Demonstratives: E.g. this, that, that one. Problems in language use bcause of lack of clarity when referring back to prior description. - In logic missing expressibility of uniqueness. See also anaphora, deixis, relations, logical proper names, index words, indexicality, iota operator.
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Place/location/Self/Peacocke: the demonstrative [this T place] does not reflect the sense of "here" in English - e.g. you can ask "What’s going on here" without perceiving something in a certain place - that’s not analog with [self]: - E.g. it may well make sense to say: "[this T place] is not here" - e.g. Dennett is in Oklahoma, while his brain is in Houston.

Pea I
Chr. R. Peacocke
Sense and Content Oxford 1983

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