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Abstraction: Subsumption of objects by non-consideration of certain properties. See also equivalence relation, concretion, concreta, indiscernibility.
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Karl Marx on Abstraction - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 494
Abstraction/Marx/Habermas: the 'abstract' work is neutral to the object of use, to the particular nature of the activity and to the working individual. Marx explains this real abstraction with the objectification of socially integrated contexts of action, which occurs when interactions are no longer coordinated via norms and values, or via processes and understanding, but via the medium of exchange value.
Then the actors are primarily interested in the consequences of their actions. By orienting themselves purpose rationally on 'values' (...) they adopt an objectifying attitude towards each other and towards themselves, transforming social and intrapsychic relationships into instrumental ones. In this respect, the transformation of concrete into abstract labour means a process of reification of communal and individual life.
, Labour Power/Marx, >Labour Power/Habermas.

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Karl Marx
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Jürgen Habermas
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Jürgen Habermas
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