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Wilhelm Dilthey on Humanities - Dictionary of Arguments

Gadamer I 12
Humanities/history/historiography/ Dilthey/Gadamer: Even Dilthey, in which the influence of the scientific method and the empiricism of Mills' logic(2) is much more strongly asserted, nevertheless retains the romantic-idealistic heritage in the concept of the spirit. ((Cf. >Historiography/Droysen).
DiltheyVsEmpirism: He always felt superior to English empiricism because he lived in the vivid perception of what distinguished the historical school from all scientific and natural law thinking. "Only from Germany can the real empirical method come in place of the prejudiced dogmatic empiricism."
DiltheyVsMill: "Mill is dogmatic for lack of historical education" - this is a note Dilthey wrote in his copy of Mill's Logic. In fact, all the decades of hard work Dilthey dedicated to the foundation of the humanities is a constant examination of the logical demand that Mill's famous final chapter(2) had made on the humanities.
Method/Dilthey/Gadamer: Nevertheless, Dilthey let himself be deeply influenced by the model of the natural sciences, even if he wanted to justify the methodological independence of the humanities. For Dilthey, scientific knowledge includes the dissolution of the bond of life, the gaining of a distance to one's own
Gadamer I 13
history, which alone makes it possible to make them into objects. >Method/Dilthey.

1. W. Dilthey, Gesammelte Schriften Bd. V, S. LXXIV.
2. J. St. Mill, System der deduktiven und induktiven Logik, übertragen von Schiel,
1863, 6. Buch »Von der Logik der Geisteswissenschaften Oder moralischen Wissen-

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Wright I 19
Humanities/W. Dilthey/Wright, G. H.: Dilthey used the term "humanities" for the entire domain of the method of understanding. The German term "humanities" comes from the translation of the English "moral science".

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