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Norbert Bolz, Willem van Reijen, Walter Benjamin Frankfurt 1991

I 19
Critique/Romantic Critique/Benjamin: Critique does not refer its object in a judgmental way, but rather as a potentiating factor to the Absoluteum of Art. R.K finished the work! (GoetheVsCritique: "The work of art is not subject to critique!")
Critique: Critical Process/Benjamin: Critiquue is rescuing in Benjamin, because it is dialectically immanent and not negated but interpreted. It is not a negation, as determined by Hegel, which transcends to a new form.
For the history-philosophical, progressive figure, to which it is inscribed, is not aimed at an idealistic self-elevation of the mind, but at its decay. Rescuing is critique in the thinking of the destruction as transition.
I 20
Modern critique : "Mortification of the works" is not an increase of consciousness (romantic), but a settlement of the knowledge in them".
I 21
Commentary (Jewish tradition): a commentary has substantive content.
Critique: Critique is the truth content.
I 29
Critique/Benjamin: "The critic judges in the face of the author." Benjamin sees this quite physically destructive. "Real polemics take a book as lovingly as a cannibal prepares a baby." "Devouring books" means incorporation, destruction, material hunger and self-sufficiency. Incorporation rather than empathy also changes the works. Living in the book - Children's books have a great value for Benjamin.
I 36
Teaching is abolished critique, critique is inverse theology and religion. It is the "concrete totality of experience".

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