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Figal I 85
Beginning/Origin/Heidegger: now no longer beginning of history, but new: beginning of everyday existence.
Figal I 162
Beginning/Heidegger: the time itself.
I 164
Arche: reason, origin,
Teleos: goal, purpose
God/Heidegger: arche and telos.
Future: the "originality" of the future helps the first past beginning to its "truth".
I 169
Beginning: the first beginning has been, and the other beginning is in the future. The story is a single time inbetween. Thus, Heidegger renounces the idea of setting up a new world! Not nihilistic. The "last god" "passes". (> I 170).

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Martin Heidegger
Sein und Zeit Berlin 2006

Hei I
Günter Figal
Martin Heidegger zur Einführung Hamburg 2016

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