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Interpretation: A) Making statements about other statements, whereby new vocabulary may be introduced. If no new vocabulary is introduced, new information can be obtained by changing the syntactic grouping.
B) In logic, interpretation is the insertion of values (objects) instead of the constants or free variables.

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I 94
Natural Interpretation/Feyerabend: mental operations that are so closely linked to the senses that separation is difficult. Natural interpretations are learned!
Natural Interpretation/Intellectual History/Feyerabend: depends, either a-priori presuppositions (Kant) or advantages (Bacon).
Natural Interpretation/Bacon/Feyerabend: Bacon wanted to remove natural interpretations (which were prejudices for him) like the peels of an onion. He believed the interpretations were simply added to perception.
I 98
Natural Interpretation/Observation Language/FeyerabendVsBacon: without it we would be completely disoriented. We cannot take apart its mesh.
I 105
Natural Interpretation/Feyerabend: the new natural interpretations form a new and abstract observation language. They are introduced and hidden so that the completed change is not noticed (method of anamnesis). They contain the notion of ​​the relativity of all motion and the law of inertia of circular motion.
I 123
Natural Interpretation/Earth Movement/Feyerabend: "natural" in a completely new and revolutionary sense: it does not require neither an external nor an internal drive to maintain it!
The first kind of movement is necessary to explain the up and down of the stars,
The second kind is used when one wishes to regard the movement as something relative, as depending on the choice of a coordinate system.
I 367
Interpretation/Feyerabend: continuity of formal relations (logic) does not mean continuity of interpretations. E.g. Duhem: the notorious "derivation" of Newton's law of gravitation from Kepler's laws.

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Feyerabend I
Paul Feyerabend
Against Method. Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge, London/New York 1971
German Edition:
Wider den Methodenzwang Frankfurt 1997

Feyerabend II
P. Feyerabend
Science in a Free Society, London/New York 1982
German Edition:
Erkenntnis für freie Menschen Frankfurt 1979

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