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Idealization: idealization is a simplification of theories for the purpose of generalization. A) Before starting an investigation in physics, e.g. the assumption of a mass point, i.e. a practical impossibility, which, however, simplifies the calculation and delivers correct results. B) Subsequently, for example, the smoothing of the course of a curve of measured values. See also Theories, measurements.
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I 81
Approximation Method/Qualitative Difficulties/Feyerabend: E.g. reduction of the wave packet (I 82), heliocentric theory at the time of Galileo, ad-hoc approximations to many quantitative results of the theories are not correct and surprisingly qualitatively inadequate. E.g. von Neumann: replaced the semi-intuitive concepts of Dirac and Bohr with incredibly complicated concepts. The relation to experience becomes more obscure than ever.

Fe I
P. Feyerabend
Wider den Methodenzwang Frankfurt 1997

P. Feyerabend
Erkenntnis für freie Menschen Frankfurt 1979

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