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Change, philosophy: changes consist in the alternation of the properties of an object in time. See also process, flux, motion, space time, four-dimensionalism, picture, representation, identity, temporal identity, identification, meaning change.

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R. Descartes on Change - Dictionary of Arguments

Esfeld I 210
Since every body is divisible, there is no physical shape that cannot disappear.
I 211
Change/Movement/Descartes: what persists can therefore only be the physical area as a whole.
This can be called essentialism, but it is different from atomism and Aristotelianism.
There is no variety of particular essences.

I 212
Substance/Kant: nOly the whole of matter persists in all change. (Like Descartes).

Matter/Descartes: "physical", "material" and "extended" are synonymous for Descartes.

EsfeldVsDescartes: his position is ambiguous:
a) No substance can cease to exist, so we can only allow one substance.
b) On the other hand, he assumes that the parts of the physical substance itself are substances! There should be a real difference between the parts.
Def Real Difference/Descartes: Difference between substances.

Matter/Space/Descartes/Esfeld: Matter = Space! Identifying matter with space implies that physics can be reconstructed without being confined to material things in addition to space.
Further consequence: Areas of space may have physical properties, but they cannot move.
I 213
Space = matter/Esfeld: This possibility of identification is the only thing I take over from Descartes.

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Es I
M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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