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I 181
Definition world state/Chisholm: p: a fact which is possible, and for every strict attribute A applies, that either p is necessarily like this that if p exists, something possesses A, or necessarily in such a way that nothing possesses A - a world state will be either necessary or impossible - definition minimal world state/Chisholm: p is a time = p is a world state implied by every state of the world that it implies (> identity) - minimal/(s): is then the finest possible determined.) - ((s) all properties must be mentioned.)
I 183
Definition World/Chisholm: a world W is a fact; for every state p applies, that W either implies p logically or W implies the negation of p logically - possible world: instead of it, we can speak of "worlds" in the above-defined sense - if I have "unrealized possibilities", then I should not exist in more possible worlds - (s) decision weakness must not increase the number of possible worlds.
Chisholm II M.David/L. Stubenberg (Hg) Philosophische Aufsätze zu Ehren von R.M. Chisholm Graz 1986

II 73
World/Chisholm/Sauer: (here) maximum fact in the sense of an equivalence of "every possible world is so that p" and "p" expresses a contradictory proposition which can be negated. - ((s) maximum/(s): every possible world includes all necessary states of affairs.)

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Chi I
R. Chisholm
Die erste Person Frankfurt 1992

Roderick M. Chisholm
Erkenntnistheorie Graz 2004

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