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I 185
Object/Activity /about/represent/stand for/singular term/predicate/StrawsonVsGeach: "about" can not be used to distinguish between singular term and predicate - E.g. Raleigh smokes can be regarded as a sentence on smoking. - Also "stands for" specifies no singular term - Both singular term and predicate term can stand for something. - VsGeach: Geach is forced to say that "smoking" stands for something because for him predicative expressions stand for properties.

Str I
P.F. Strawson
Einzelding und logisches Subjekt Stuttgart 1972

Str IV
P.F. Strawson
Analyse und Metaphysik M√ľnchen 1994

Str V
P.F. Strawson
Die Grenzen des Sinns Frankfurt 1981

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