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Theories: theories are statement systems for the explanation of observations, e.g. of behavior or physical, chemical or biological processes. When setting up theories, a subject domain, a vocabulary of the terms to be used and admissible methods of observation are defined. In addition to explanations, the goal of the theory formation is the predictability and comparability of observations. See also systems, models, experiments, observation, observation language, theoretical terms, theoretical entities, predictions, analogies, comparisons, evidence, verification, reduction, definitions, definability.

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I 292
Theory/Hacking: I have no idea what a theory of "non-distortion through exposure to air" would be like.
Observation without theory: E.g. Herrschel’s discovery of heat radiation 1800.
I 291 ff
His first assumption was that which we believe today. His theory was then entirely aligned to Newton, but that did not affect his observation.
Problem: his observation was burdened by absolutely inadequate accuracy claims. (precision, accuracy). He measured down to the thousandth, something which he was not able to do!.
The absence of a theory made him notice something: invisible infrared had to be included in the white light. (Hanson would have claimed that we would only be able to notice such a thing if we previously had a theory).
I 348
Unit/Theory/Hacking: magnetism can affect light - so it was possible to unify both - (from interaction).

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Hack I
I. Hacking
Einführung in die Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Stuttgart 1996

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