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I 65
McGinnVsSearle: We are not able, to lead back pain to the underlying neural entities.
I 71
Pain/McGinn: can only be determined by introspection. We are unable to change the focus, or apply a different meaning.
I 226f
Brain/Mentalesic/McGinn: the brain is not subject to the same limitations as the conscious reason. E.g. pain: there may be a subsystem for self-monitoring, which prescribes the pain centers to change the fibers when overloaded. Here, semantically mediated feedback loops would obviously be highly useful, the more clever, the better. The dimensions of this cleverness do not coincide with the consciousness.
II 34
Pain/McGinnVsReductionism: pain cannot be reduced to the firing of C fibers, how water cannot be reduced to H2O.
But phenomena are what makes the mind. So mind cannot be reduced to the brain.

C. McGinn
Die Grenzen vern├╝nftigen Fragens Stuttgart 1996

C. McGinn
Wie kommt der Geist in die Materie? M├╝nchen 2001

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