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Relationism, relationalism, philosophy: is an expression for the thesis that space is formed by the objects and their relations to each other. The assumption of an empty space is incoherent from this point of view. The counter-concept to relativism is substantivalism. See also space, space time.

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I 82f
Relationism / relationalism / Stalnaker: to represent him in terms of the logical space, it must be assumed that the logical space itself is partially conventional - I 84 that is, we must assume that the localization function sometimes only conventionally differs and therefore actually represents the same possible world. - it is not conventional that the origin of the coordinate system can be chosen freely - this is true for each c.s. - it would be true even if an absolute theory of space were true.

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Stalnaker I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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