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Graeser I 119f
Grice thesis statement meanings in total as well as situation-independent sentence meanings and situation-independent word meanings go back to what the speaker means ((s) proposition) regardless of language - implicature: most of what is also intended is not stated, nor does follow from what has been said! (non- implication)
Grice I 19
Grice thesis speaker-situation meaning can be made explicit by recourse to speaker intentions - time-independent meaning and applied meaning can be made explicit by recourse to the concept of speaker-situation Meaning - I 21 trouble only possible when trouble intention is assumed in other - imputed intention: Cause, not reason

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Gri I
H. Paul Grice
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, Hg. Georg Meggle Frankfurt/M. 1993

Grae I
A. Graeser
Positionen der Gegenwartsphilosophie. München 2002

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