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Forgery: producing an article with properties that are more or less similar to an existing object, or a presumed object from a series of objects.The Purpose of the forgery is > deception. The deception is based on a false story on the subject. A material object as such cannot be faked. See also identity, similarity, properties.

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III 43
Even with trompe l'oeuil the probability rarely rises above zero, because to see a picture as a picture, excludes, to mistake it for something else.
III 103
No one can determine by mere looking at the pictures that no one has ever been able or will be able to tell them apart by mere looking at them.
III 103
if you set the difference beyond the what is perceptible by mere looking at them, one admits that anything beyond this range constitutes a difference.
III 105
And the fact, that I might be able in the future to perceive a difference which I do not perceive now, constitutes now for me a significant aesthetic difference between the two! ... May contribute to the development of my ability.
III 108/09
when in fact, no difference can be perceived, then the existence of a difference is based alone on something that can be proved (or not) by other means than on looking at it.
III 120
Definition forgery: Goodman: The forgery of a work of art is an object that wrongly pretends to have a history, which is essential for the original.

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