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Bertrand Russell on Individuals - Dictionary of Arguments

V ~ 38
Def Individuals/Russell: constructions of sense-data or sense experience - (is irrelevant for logic).
>Sense data, >Sensory impression.
- - -
I 53
Unit set/ Frege/Peano/RussellVsQuine: unequal Individual: "i'x" the class whose only element is x" so: i'x = y^ (y = x) : "the class of objects identical to x".
>Unit set, >Def "One".
I 74
Def Individuen/Principia Mathematica(1)/Writing/Russell: Items that are neither propositions nor functions. Letters: a, b, c, x, y, z, w
>Proposition, >Function.
I 132
Def Individuen/Principia Mathematica/Russell: a term that can occur in any set of atoms.
Def Universal/Principia Mathematica/Russell: Term that occurs like the R. (In R1 (x) R2 (x,y) R3 (x,y,z) R4 (x,y,z,w)...

1. Whitehead, A.N. and Russel, B. (1910). Principia Mathematica. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
- - -
III 127
Def Absolutely simple individuals / Russell: are unchangeable, but not necessarily of eternal duration.
Def Individuen/Russell: are completely independent from each other and their names are actual names and vice versa.
- - -
VI 77
Knowledge/Existence/Russell: sometimes you know the truth of an existential statement without being able to give an example: They know that there are people in Timbuktu.
This shows that existential statements do not say anything about a particular individual, but only about a class or function.
>Existence statement.
VI 80
Identification/Russell: an identification does not necessarily have to describe an individual, it can also be a predicate, a relation or something else.
>Description, >Predicate, >Relation.

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