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Reification: Reification in philosophy is the process of treating an abstraction as if it were a concrete real thing.
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Karl Marx on Reification - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 502
Reification/Marx/HabermasVsMarx/Habermas: Marx cannot distinguish the aspect of reification in connection with the proletarianization of craftsmen, peasants and rural plebeians from the aspect of structural differentiation of the lifeworld. His concept of alienation is not sufficiently selective.
The value theory (see Value Theory/Marx
, Value Theory/Habermas) does not provide a basis for a concept of reification that would allow to identify syndromes of alienation relative to the degree of rationalization of a lifeworld achieved in each case.
Habermas: on the level of post-traditional life forms, the pain counts that the separation of
Habermas IV 503
culture, society and personality also adds to those who grow into modern societies, as a process of individualization and not as alienation. In a largely rationalized world, reification can only be measured by the conditions of communicative socialization at all, not by a nostalgically conjured, often romanticized past of pre-modern forms of life.

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