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Submission as User

If you wish to join us to expand our lexicon by sending us excerpts from literature, please write to us in your own words. We are looking for summaries, not direct quotations.
The metadata (author / title / place / year / page) must always be specified to meet the requirements for academic work.
Users can choose whether they want to write under a user ID or under their real name. User IDs can be converted to a plain name later if you want. To keep this possibility open, you should not change your ID.
We are ready for the automatic recording of your metadata in RIS format.

Submission as Author

In contrast to the User submission, your name appears in the tables and in the Google search. That will increase your impact factor.
You should only appear as an author, if your post is a new argument on the subject that has not yet been published by others. You should be sure that your contribution will be accepted in the academic community, be it ever so controversial.
We want to encourage discussions about controversial topics, but no dispute about inaccuracies or lack of originality.
Please ask your publisher whether you are allowed to publish preprints and post-prints. This is usually the case. However, our lexicon is not a full text database, but a platform for excerpts and abstracts. These can be presented for the scholarly discussion here.
If you are not tied to a publisher and would like to quote from your own published or unpublished work, just add the meta data and your excerpt. We do not assume any responsibility for unclear copyright statuses.

Complaints – Corrections

Found an error? Use our Complaint Form. Perhaps someone forgot to close a bracket? A page number is wrong? Help us to improve our lexicon.
However, if you are of a different opinion, as regards the validity of the argument, post your own argument beside the contested one.
The complaints will be sent to the authors to get their opinion.
Dear users, if we have to point out too many inaccuracies to you, our users might consider your temporary exclusion. We would be very sorry about this, so please ensure that your meta data and excerpts are correct.