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Proof in logic, mathematics: finite string of symbols, which derives a statement in a system from the axioms of the system together with already proven statements.

Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.
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Aristotle, Proofs   Aristotle
Barrow, John D. Proofs   Barrow, John D.
Chalmers, , David Proofs   Chalmers, David
Deutsch, David Proofs   Deutsch, David
Dummett, , Michael E. Proofs   Dummett, Michael E.
d’Abro, A. Proofs   d’Abro, A.
Frege, , Gottlob Proofs   Frege, Gottlob
Genz, Hennig Proofs   Genz, Hennig
Goodman, , Nelson Proofs   Goodman, Nelson
Heidegger, Martin Proofs   Heidegger, Martin
Lakatos, , Imre Proofs   Lakatos, Imre
Leibniz, G.W. Proofs   Leibniz, G.W.
Logic Texts, Proofs   Logic Texts
Lorenzen, Paul Proofs   Lorenzen, Paul
Mayr, , Ernst Proofs   Mayr, Ernst
Nozick, Robert Proofs   Nozick, Robert
Quine, , W.V.O. Proofs   Quine, Willard Van Orman
Schopenhauer, Arthur Proofs   Schopenhauer, Arthur
Tarski, , Alfred Proofs   Tarski, Alfred
Vollmer, Gerhard Proofs   Vollmer, Gerhard
Waismann, , Friedrich Proofs   Waismann, Friedrich
Wittgenstein, Ludwig Proofs   Wittgenstein, Ludwig

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