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Ulrich Beck on Risks - Dictionary of Arguments

I 10
Risk/Threat/Society/Beck: These threats become stowaways of normal consumption.
I 18
Dangers today are supranational and class unspecific global threats.
I 29
Civilizing self-endangerment potentials: 5 theses:
1. risks often release irreversible damage, usually remaining essentially invisible in the core...
I 30
...and open to social definition processes.
2. the distribution and increase of risks give rise to social threat situations. They contain a boomerang effect. At the same time, they produce international inequalities.
3. modernisation risks are the unfinishable needs sought by economists. They are big business. They are a needfull barrel without bottom. You could say with Luhmann that they are "self-referential".
I 31
4. wealth can be possessed, but one is affected by risks; they are assigned, as it were, by civilization.
In class situations, being determines consciousness, while in situations of danger, consciousness determines being. Knowledge takes on a new political significance. Accordingly, the political potential must be developed and analysed in a theory of the emergence and dissemination of knowledge about risks.
5. What was previously considered unpolitical becomes political - the elimination of the "causes" in the industrialization process itself. These include side effects of side effects: such as market collapses, bureaucratic controls, legal proceedings and loss of face.
I 33
Threats/Beck: are often minimized by describing them as "safe on average".
I 52
Class opposition/Beck: anyone who is affected by threats does not take away anything from unaffected people. Affectedness and non-affectedness do not polarize like possession and non-possession.

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Beck I
U. Beck
Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity. New Delhi 1992
German Edition:
Risikogesellschaft Frankfurt/M. 2015

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