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Ulrich Beck on Science - Dictionary of Arguments

I 78
Science/Beck: Thesis: the origin of critique of science and technology lies not in the "irrationality" of critics, but in the failure of scientific and technical rationality in the face of growing risks and threats to civilization. This failure is not merely the past, but an acute present and a threatening future.
I 82
The insistence on the "purity of scientific analysis" leads to...
I 83
...the pollution and contamination of air, food, water and soil, plants, animals and humans. The result is a secret coalition between strict scientific discipline and the dangers of life that are permitted or promoted as a result.
A key factor here is the determination of the presumption of causality contained in modernisation risks, the proof of which is difficult to impossible for scientific theoretical reasons alone.

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Beck I
U. Beck
Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity. New Delhi 1992
German Edition:
Risikogesellschaft Frankfurt/M. 2015

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