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I 57
Aesthetics/perception/Bourdieu: Aesthetic attitude: with the aesthetic approach, it is recognized that every legitimate work of art effectively asserts the forms of its own perception. However, this does not imply that a certain mode of perception is assumed. This would mean succumbing to the illusion on which the artistic legitimacy is based. Rather, it is a question of measuring all social actors, whether deliberately or unintentionally, against these norms. > See Artwork/Panofsky.
I 59
Art contemplation/Bourdieu: From now on, viewing art must - if it is not to appear as merely a decisionist and thus suspect affirmation of this absolute power - contain a reflexive moment of scholarship, which may well be detrimental to the illusion of direct enlightenment....
I 83/84
Barbaric Taste/Kant: The taste is still barbaric at any time, where it needs the admixture of the stimuli and guides for pleasure, even making them the yardstick of his applause. (I. Kant, Critique of Judgement, Bd. IX, Frankfurt/M. S. 138)
I 85
Bourdieu: A piece of reality worthy of being immortalized, glorified by holding on to it. This is the basis of that "barbaric taste", which... only acknowledges this one thing: the realistic, i.e. the respectful, modest and obedient representation of objects that are predestined for this purpose by their beauty and their social significance.

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Bourd I
P. Bourdieu
La distinction. Critique sociale du jugement, Paris 1979
German Edition:
Die feinen Unterschiede. Kritik der gesellschaftlichen Urteilskraft Frankfurt/M. 1987

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