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Taureck I 71
Justice/ThrasymachosVsSkorates: (Plato, Republic):
Thrasymachos attacks Socrates's conversation. Playful modesty, is supposed to deceive the conversation partner.
He also introduces arguments against opponents who had long since considered them.
I 73
Definition justice/Thrasymachus: The justice is nothing else but conducive to the strongest.
I 74
Justice/SocratesVsThrasymachos: the ruling might be deceived in what the most conducive is.
I 76
Justice/Thrasymachus: if the justly is a foreign good, it includes the injustice of those who possess it.
I 77
The just ones are the fools. The justice is everywhere worse off than the unrighteous.
Thrasymachus was the contemporary of the murderous war between Athens and Sparta.
I 78
On a small scale, injustice is an evil and is punished. On the whole, it is the hallmark of leadership.
It is conceivable that Thrasymachus was distorted by Plato as a horror image. Popper calls him a "political desperado of the worst sort". (PopperVsTrasymachus).

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Tau I
B. H.F. Taureck
Die Sophisten Hamburg 1995

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