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Innate: abilities, ideas, dispositions, which are not acquired in the course of a development, but are present in an organism from the outset. - In philosophy N. Chomsky and J. Locke are relevant authors on this topic.
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Fodor IV 76/77
Innate/Churchland: relatedness to a particular language is unlikely.
IV 78
ChurchlandVsQuine: we have no reason to believe that there is an "anglophone hyperspace" with an anglophone hyper-area for English sentences.
Fodor/Lepore: it is very unlikely that the grammar of English would be innate.

Churla I
Paul M. Churchland
Matter and Consciousness Cambridge 2013

Churli I
Patricia S. Churchland
Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Brains New York 2014

J. Fodor/E. Lepore
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