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Introspection: introspection is the investigation of a self-conscious subject of its own inner states. Prerequisites are, among other things, the ability to distinguish interior from external influences, as well as at least to some extent the use of a public language. Moreover, the subject must be able to compare past internal and external states with present internal and external states, and must be able to deliberately distinguish itself from other subjects.
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Diaz-Bone I 35f
Intropspection/James: introspection shows an exact analogy to the observation of physical data as the detection of single facts. Legal relations among each other. Like science.
VsIntrospection: introspection presupposes prior knowledge.
James pro Introspection: Peculiarities of the inner world of experience require an extension of the method.

James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einf├╝hrung Hamburg 1996

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