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III 15
Turing machine/Putnam: can only calculate recursive functions - new: proof of the possibility of physical analog computer that can calculate non-recursive functions - no reason why the real numbers, representing the states of nature should be "recursive".
​​III 18
Behavioral interpretation: Turing-Machine does not explain performance but competence.
IV 153
Turing machine/Putnam: there is no "sequence of states," the Turing-Machine must go through in order to be in a certain single state - or it goes through them, but it does not have to determine them - analog error of tradition: that in order to know something we would have to know certain assumptions - logically the Turing-Machine has only finitely many states - technical: infinitely many (some may be partially broken, and yet provide values) - N.B.: the error is not in the sentence "I am in state A", because the state is identical to the command to print it - analogy: pain but no fever - functional organization can be described without taking into account the technical realization.

Pu I
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Pu V
H. Putnam
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