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Stegmüller IV 182
"Good"/Geach: attributive adjective: predicate operator: builds on the meaning of those words to which they are related. E.g. counterfeit: "falsified": Banknotes: new description with new meaning. Banknotes are not something that is a banknote and is also falsified. (But syncategorematically) - contrast: predicative adjective: E.g. "green". "x is a stone and x is green" -
Test: predicative: if "C" is a predicative adjective and x is an A and a B at the same time, then x, if it is a CA, must also be a CB - attributive: is "C" attributive and x is an A and a B at the same time, so x can be a CA without having to be a CB - attributive: E.g. something that is a flea and also an animal can be a large flea without having to be a large animal at the same time - predicative: e.g. an object, which is a stone and green is also a green object.

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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