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Assertion: a statement that goes beyond mere writing down of a sentence or a string of characters. By the assertion the subject is commited to certain other claims. See also score keeping, inferences, speech acts, statements.
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Assertion/Modus Ponens/Ryle: "code style": misleading that p does not have to be asserted! - E.g. "if p, then q; but p, therefore q". - Conditional/Ryle: Thesis: antecedent and consequent are no assertions. - Statements are neither needed nor mentioned in conditionals. - Ryle: here, the conditional is not a premise that coordinates with "p" as the "code style" suggests, but rather an "inference ticket", a "license for the inference": "p, therefore q". - Solution/Geach: it is about propositions, not assertions.

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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