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David Deutsch on Culture - Dictionary of Arguments

Brockman I 116
Culture/evolution/Deutsch: culture consists of transmissible
Brockman I 117
Information - memes - and meme evolution, like gene evolution, tends to favor high-fidelity transmission. And high-fidelity meme transmission necessarily entails the suppression of attempted progress.
Brockman I 119
[In our earliest days] [n]ot only was there no technological innovation or theoretical discovery, there were no new worldviews, styles of art, or interests that could have inspired those. By the time individuals grew up, they had in effect been reduced to AIs (artificial intelligences), programmed with the exquisite skills needed to enact that static culture and to inflict on the next generation their inability even to consider doing otherwise. >Artificial intelligence/Deutsch.

Deutsch, D. “Beyond Reward and Punishment” in: Brockman, John (ed.) 2019. Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI. New York: Penguin Press.

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Deutsch I
D. Deutsch
Fabric of Reality, Harmondsworth 1997
German Edition:
Die Physik der Welterkenntnis München 2000

Brockman I
John Brockman
Possible Minds: Twenty-Five Ways of Looking at AI New York 2019

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