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Consciousness, philosophy: The experience of differences along with a knowledge about alternatives as opposed to purely automatic responses. See also intentionality, identity theory, other minds.

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Chris Frith on Consciousness - Dictionary of Arguments

I 138
Consciousness/action/unconscious/action/Frith: thesis: most of the time we will not be conscious of what we are doing.
Conscious/intent: we are conscious of our intention.
Movement: movement only becomes conscious when something fails.
Brain/knowledge/movement: the brain knows in advance how long an action will take and how it should feel.
Imagination/mental training/Frith: picturing a movement in advance can actually improve the performance.
I 139
It even brings almost as much increase in power as normal training.
I 252
Consciousness/Frith: this book (Chr. Frith: Wie unser Gehirn die Welt erschafft, Heidelberg 2013) is not about consciousness.
Brain/Frith: instead, I emphasized how much my brain knows and does without me.
Consciousness: there is very little left to be done for it.

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Frith I
Chris Frith
Making up the Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World, Hoboken/NJ 2007
German Edition:
Wie unser Gehirn die Welt erschafft Heidelberg 2013

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