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Holz I 44
Congenital "innate" ideas/LeibnizVsLocke: do not originate in sensuous perception, but originate from reflection. ((s) not from birth?).
Reflection: nothing but attention to what is in us. Reflection finds that in our mind is much innate, because we are, so to speak, self-innate.
E.g. being, unity, substance, duration, change, activity, perception, pleasure and a thousand other objects.
I 45
They are the prerequisite for the determination of objective being as such (ens qua ens). They are given to us with being, as a formal determination of being.
What remains open here is how these innate ideas are the "first truths" that stem from sense perception.
Sense-perception/Leibniz: this cannot prove the unity of perception itself (see above), because every proof presupposes the unity (substance) which is the foundation of the characteristics, already as a reason of experience from which the proof must be led.
The unity does not have to be proved, it is irrefutable and intuitive (simple) given in the perception.

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