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De re Wright, von Vs De re Hughes I 162
Def de re/Hughes/Cresswell: a well formed formula (wff) a containing a modal operator expresses a modality de re if the range of a modal operator from a contains a free occurrence of an individual variable, otherwise a expresses a modality de dicto. WrightVsDe re/Hughes/Cresswell: (and other authors): wanted to eliminate de re in favor of de dicto. one should be able to construct a well formed formula (wff) a' to each well formed formula (wff) a, which does not contain a modality de re and whose equivalence with a can be proved.
Hughes/CresswellVsWright: that does not even seem possible with propositional calculus + S5.
But apparently nobody has proved that it is impossible.
Wright's strategy can be called the "principle of predication" (the term does not come explicitly from him).

Hughes I
G.E. Hughes
Maxwell J. Cresswell
Einführung in die Modallogik Berlin New York 1978