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Understanding Nagel Frank I 148
NagelVsUnderstanding - (empathy only with mental states). - VsSolipsism: is the result of interpreting the empathic imagination as sensual
I 149f
Understanding/Nagel: we can have evidence for the truth of something that we do not understand - individuals of radically different genera (scientists from Mars) can both understand the same physical events in objective terminology - for this they do not need to understand the phenomenal forms.
Thomas Nagel (1974): What Is It Like to Be a Bat?, in: The Philosophical
Review 83 (1974), 435-450

Nagel I 75
Understanding/Wittgenstein: communication through language consists not only of a match in the definition, but in the judgments - logic seems to abolish this, but it does not - congruence in language use and judgment is necessary, but not sufficient for meaning. Nagel: if the application conditions do not appear to be sufficient, it may be that one misinterpreted the concept - but also that we misunderstood the conditions.

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E. Nagel
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German Edition:
Das letzte Wort Stuttgart 1999

Nagel II
Thomas Nagel
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German Edition:
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Thomas Nagel
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German Edition:
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NagelEr I
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Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
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