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Disputed term/author/ism Author Vs Author
Self-Reference Tarski Vs Self-Reference Skirbekk I 141f
Linguistic Expressions/TarskiVsSelf-Reference/Tarski: physical objects. Proposition: ideal object.
Truth: always only in relation to a certain language.
#Truth semantic: fundamentally different from fulfillment, designation, definition.
Mathematics: provability and truth often fall apart.
Meta Language: we need it because object language must not contain the T-predicate (VsSelf-Reference).(1)

1. A.Tarski, „Die semantische Konzeption der Wahrheit und die Grundlagen der Semantik“ (1944) in: G. Skirbekk (ed.) Wahrheitstheorien, Frankfurt 1996

Tarski I
A. Tarski
Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics: Papers from 1923-38 Indianapolis 1983

Skirbekk I
G. Skirbekk (Hg)
Wahrheitstheorien, Gunnar Skirbekk Frankfurt 1977