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Qualia Pustejovsky
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Gärdenfors I 49
Qualia/Pustejovsky/Frame Theory/Semantics/Gärdenfors: Pustejovsky's Qualia (Pustejovsky, 1991) are inspired by Aristotle's modes of explaining entities and relations. There are four types of Qualia: 1. formal Qualia: concern what distinguishes something in a larger domain from others
2. constitutive Qualia: concerns the relation between an entity and its constitutive parts (meronomic relations).
3. telic Qualia: concern the purpose and function of the entity
4. agentive Qualia: concern the origin and emergence of the entity.
I 50
GärdenforsVsPustejovsky: like all frame theories, his theory also lacks emphasis on the geometric structure of conceptual spaces.

Pust I
James Pustejovsky
The Generative Lexicon Cambridge, MA 1991

Gä I
P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014