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Artworks Panofsky Bourdieu I 58
Artwork/Panofsky/Bourdieu: (E. Panofsky: Sinn und Deutung in der bildenden Kunst, Cologne, 1978, p. 18): thesis: The work of art is created for the purpose and it demands being aesthetically experienced. On the other hand, any object can be perceived from an aesthetic point of view. It is the aesthetic intention that "makes" the work of art. BourdieuVsPanofsky: in order to get out of this circle, Panofsky is forced to place an "intention" in the sense of scholasticism underneath the work of art: a purely "practical" perception contradicts this objective "intention". The class of artistic objects then distinguishes itself by the claim to be perceived purely aesthetically, i.e. to be perceived in its form rather than in its function. But how can such a definition be operationalized?
Artwork/Panofsky: it is almost impossible to determine scientifically exactly when a manufactured object becomes an object of art.

Panof I
E. Panofsky
Meaning in the Visual Arts , Chicago 1973
German Edition:
Sinn und Deutung in der bildenden Kunst Köln 1978

Bourd I
P. Bourdieu
La distinction. Critique sociale du jugement, Paris 1979
German Edition:
Die feinen Unterschiede. Kritik der gesellschaftlichen Urteilskraft Frankfurt/M. 1987