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Rationalism Horkheimer
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Seel III 102
Rationalism /Reason/Horkheimer: "objective reason" is unrelated to human will. - SeelVsHorkheimer: that was a mistake - today: will and wishes of humans are quite objective (beyond the moment). (> Gosepath).

Se I
M. Seel
Die Kunst der Entzweiung Frankfurt 1997

M. Seel
Ästhetik des Erscheinens München 2000

M. Seel
Vom Handwerk der Philosophie München 2001

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Dewey, J. Horkheimer Vs Dewey, J.
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I 180
HorkheimerVsDewey: VsInstrumental Reason. Horkheimer: core of pragmatism is the view that an idea, a concept or a theory is nothing but a scheme or plan for action, and therefore truth nothing but the success of an idea.
VsHorkheimer: presupposes the notion of truth as correspondence.
I 182.
HorkheimerVsDewey: pragmatism replaced the concept of truth by probability. Truth is not tied to verification, but absolute. HorkheimerVsDewey: so is prediction (and predictability) the nature "of this kind of thinking". But: The current importance and future verification of a sentence are not the same. (Horkheimer: per change of meaning.)
I 182.
VsHorkheimer: equals truth to contemplation. Horkheimer has not explained why truth is supposed to be even desirable. (NietzscheVs.) I 182 Pragmatism: Vs "stationary contemplation" (James): Truth that is sought for its own.
I 183
HorkheimerVsPragmatism: Both the attack on the contemplation, as well as the "praise of the craftsman" express the "triumph of the means over the purpose". (Originated in Greek class society).