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Meaning Flusser I 134
Meaning/Flusser: the apparent meaning of texts is based on "grammatical errors". The fact that the books that mediate begin to form walls is a sign that the information contained in the texts becomes unimaginable. It is a mistake to try to get an idea when reading texts. ---
I 135
Meaning/Fiction/Flusser: no argument can hide the fact that unimaginable texts mean nothing. VsFlusser: there are many objections to that. For example, that "root 2" is unimaginable, but it is an enrichment of meaning.
FlusserVsVs: Misunderstanding: The image that one learns to make oneself of concepts is not the meaning that the concept means, but rather it gives it its meaning.
I 165
Meaning/Image/Flusser: Photography from the telescope is an image that means the terms "star" and "astronomer", by making them conceivable. It would therefore be wrong to believe that in an astronomy book the texts describe the images, on the contrary: the texts arise from the photos. I. e.: in such astronomical texts, technical images are used correctly.
The problem of the telescope has not yet been solved, however: the telescope was made for observation purposes, i. e. it is based on the belief that stars exist independently of it, and at the same time it doubts this belief when used.

Fl I
V. Flusser
Kommunikologie Mannheim 1996