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Searle, J.R. Zink Vs Searle, J.R. Wolf II 15
Names/ZinkVsSearle: Example Assuming that most of Aristotle's descriptions proved to be false and correct in relation to another person, then we should not say that "Aristotle" is the name of that other person, it is sufficient, "was born in 384 B.C., in Stagira". Meaning of the proper name/Zink: "The person who is actually called E.N.". (Certain identification, like Burks).
ZinkVsBurks: not any property, but a predicate such as "person" with identity criteria must be included.
Wolf II 167
Name/Meaning/Searle: ("Proper Names", Mind 67) no set of descriptions can indicate the meaning! The use presupposes the truth of a certain set of descriptions. But neither this set is exactly defined, nor is the meaning in the set. For then every true description of the thing would be analytically true! No discovery about it would be an empirical discovery!
Possible Solution/Searle: the necessary and sufficient conditions for the meaning of the name: that it is identical to an object originally baptized in that way.
II 168
SearleVs: "Aristotle" can be applied to any individual baptized this way. ZinkVsSearle: this can be eliminated by localization.

Zink I
Sidney ZInk
"The Meaning of Proper Names", in: Mind 72 (1963) S. 481-499
Eigennamen, Ursula Wolf Frankfurt/M. 1993

K II siehe Wol I
U. Wolf (Hg)
Eigennamen Frankfurt 1993