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Barrow, J.D. Kanitscheider Vs Barrow, J.D. II 105
KanitscheiderVsBarrow: the purpose of a measurement is the registration, i.e. leaving a permanent trace, not the subjective experience.
II 107
KanitscheiderVsBarrow: realism is simply the most rational metaphysical assumption to understand the cognitive interaction between man and the world.
II 108
KanitscheiderVsBarrow: phenomena, in biological terms, are also traces of the things that are formed via the information channel of a conscious animal. Therefore, evolutionary biology, when expanded to the cognitive process, leads the approach of the subjectivist constitution of the world by last observer in terms of quantum mechanics ad absurdum! KanitscheiderVsBarrow: one could possibly also consider a split interpretation of physics and biology such that the biological realism only makes sense on this level of complexity, but cannot be sustained on the fundamental physical level of description. But then there is also a dilemma regarding the demarcation: between biology and QM there is still the molecular level of the chemical systems, the viruses, the DNA and the pharmacological objects. A quasi-continuum of systems of all sizes. A split ontology would provoke the question, at which magnitude the philosophical interpretation of the status of the systems switches.

Kanitsch I
B. Kanitscheider
Kosmologie Stuttgart 1991

Kanitsch II
B. Kanitscheider
Im Innern der Natur Darmstadt 1996
Idealism Verschiedene Vs Idealism Kanitscheider II 105
KanitscheiderVsBarrow / KanitscheiderVsTipler: extreme idealism. The central role of consciousness in this thesis sees to it that the chain of consciousness may never stop, that it reach all the events and the space-time must allow merging all observation chains. There must therefore be no event horizons.

Kanitsch II
B. Kanitscheider
Im Innern der Natur Darmstadt 1996