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Zeno of Elea: ca. 495 to ca. 445 BC. Known by his paradoxes, with which he wanted to show the impossibility of movement. He also showed problems that arise in connection with the acceptance of multiplicity. (See Der Kleine Pauly, Lexikon der Antike, Munich 1979). See also paradoxes, continuum, change, motion, space, Parmenides.

Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.
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Feyerabend, Paul Zeno   Feyerabend, Paul
Hegel, G.W.F. Zeno   Hegel, G.W.F.
Russell, Bertrand Zeno   Russell, Bertrand
Weierstraß, K. Th. W. Zeno   Weierstraß, K. Th. W.

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