Philosophy Lexicon of Arguments

Picture, mapping: what conditions must meet a picture? In how it relates to the depicted object? Is there a copy ratio in nature? See also similarity, causation, representation, causality.
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Carnap, Rudolf Picture (Mapping)   Carnap, Rudolf
Goodman, Nelson Picture (Mapping)   Goodman, Nelson
Hacking, Ian Picture (Mapping)   Hacking, Ian
Leeds, St. Picture (Mapping)   Leeds, St.
Lewis, David Picture (Mapping)   Lewis, David
Millikan, Ruth Picture (Mapping)   Millikan, Ruth
Putnam, Hilary Picture (Mapping)   Putnam, Hilary
Sellars, Wilfrid Picture (Mapping)   Sellars, Wilfrid
Wittgenstein, L. Picture (Mapping)   Wittgenstein, L.

Ed. Martin Schulz, access date 2017-05-24