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Deception, philosophy: A deception is an idea that diverges from what would have been expected by the way in which this idea was caused, when the expectation or expectability is based on past experience or shared experiences and expectations of a community of subjects. See also error, causal theory of knowledge, reliability theory, knowledge, certainty, objectivity, intersubjectivity.

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Avramides, A. Deceptions   Avramides, A.
Bacon, F. Deceptions   Bacon, F.
Bateson, Gregory Deceptions   Bateson, Gregory
Berkeley, G. Deceptions   Berkeley, G.
Brandom, Robert Deceptions   Brandom, Robert
Burge, Tyler Deceptions   Burge, Tyler
Carnap, Rudolf Deceptions   Carnap, Rudolf
Cresswell, M.J. Deceptions   Cresswell, M.J.
Davidson, Donald Deceptions   Davidson, Donald
Dawkins, R. Deceptions   Dawkins, R.
Dummett, Michael Deceptions   Dummett, Michael
Feyerabend, Paul Deceptions   Feyerabend, Paul
Frith, Chris Deceptions   Frith, Chris
Goodman, Nelson Deceptions   Goodman, Nelson
Grice, H.P. Deceptions   Grice, H.P.
Maturana, H. Deceptions   Maturana, H.
McDowell, John Deceptions   McDowell, John
Rorty, Richard Deceptions   Rorty, Richard
Ryle, Gilbert Deceptions   Ryle, Gilbert
Schiffer, Stephen Deceptions   Schiffer, Stephen
Searle, John R. Deceptions   Searle, John R.
Sterelny, K. Deceptions   Sterelny, K.
Strawson, Peter F. Deceptions   Strawson, Peter F.
Wittgenstein, L. Deceptions   Wittgenstein, L.

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