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Axiom: principle or rule for linking elements of a theory that is not proven within the theory. It is assumed that axioms are true and evident. Adding or eliminating axioms turns a system into another system. Accordingly, more or less statements can be constructed or derived in the new system. See also axiom systems, systems, strength of theories, proofs, provability.

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Bigelow, , John Axioms   Bigelow, John
Brentano, Franz Axioms   Brentano, Franz
Cresswell, , Maxwell J. Axioms   Cresswell, Maxwell J.
Dedekind, Richard Axioms   Dedekind, Richard
Duhem, , Pierre Axioms   Duhem, Pierre
d’Abro, A. Axioms   d’Abro, A.
Einstein, , Albert Axioms   Einstein, Albert
Field, Hartry Axioms   Field, Hartry
Genz, , Hennig Axioms   Genz, Hennig
Gödel, Kurt Axioms   Gödel, Kurt
Hacking, , Ian Axioms   Hacking, Ian
Hilbert, David Axioms   Hilbert, David
Kripke, , Saul A. Axioms   Kripke, Saul A.
Leibniz, G.W. Axioms   Leibniz, G.W.
Lukasiewicz, , Jan Axioms   Lukasiewicz, Jan
Strawson, Peter F. Axioms   Strawson, Peter F.
Tarski, , Alfred Axioms   Tarski, Alfred
Waismann, Friedrich Axioms   Waismann, Friedrich
Zermelo, , Ernst Axioms   Zermelo, Ernst

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